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Festive Spirits

Festive Spirits

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Okay, this one was borne over us lamenting the closure of Werner’s Oven over drinks. Their gingerbread men were Sarah’s favorite growing up (S/O to their old Siglap location <3) and there were always extra for the cousins when we came over for Christmas. The bar started playing American Pie (them good old boys were drinkin' whiskey in Rye~) somewhere during this whining sesh and you know what, sometimes great ideas come from the dumbest places. Hints of ginger spice mixed with the sweet malted barley notes of rye? We saw the potential and followed through - turns out, they paired perfectly with bourbon’s nutty oak aroma.

Festive Spirits exudes a warm, grounding fragrance that sets the scene for family dinners and drinks with old friends, the passing of old stories and the making of new ones. This one will surprise you!

Notes: Gingerbread, Bourbon & Rye

Available in 4 oz and 8.5oz.
Burn time of 25 hours and 62 hours respectively.




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