We have always maintained that Nitwick is an experiment, an exploration of scent and the senses. At the heart of it, however, we have always been driven by the story. 

When you smell something, to process the scent, your brain uses the same areas that it would use to process emotions and memories. This makes scent a highly emotive tool that helps articulate your story, drawing stronger connections between the audience and your vision. 

Scent branding leverages our sense of smell to create unique and memorable impressions. When used with purpose, it can transform experiences. Some scents are designed to extend the time customers spend in a store, correlating with increased purchases and overall basket value. Others scents might enhance workspaces, boosting employee productivity or they can simply elevate your event to perfect the ambiance. 

Nitwick specialises in designing signature scents that enhance your brand (or personal) identity, transforming your space with a new sensory dimension. 

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