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Scenta Collection 2.0 (8.5oz)

Scenta Collection 2.0 (8.5oz)

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Inspired by the year end frenzy of dinner parties, gift-giving and quiet moments of reflection, our festive selection is here to keep you company till the new year. Share this with your loved ones or hoard them all for yourself, we won't hold it against you. 

1 x Fir Leaves Navidad
Notes: Eucalyptus, Fir, Cypress, Tonka Bean

1 x Holly Ever After
Notes: Spearmint, Cranberry & Holly

1 x Home Alone
Notes: Lime Basil, Almond & Vetiver

Each candle is 8.5oz and burns for up to 62 hours.
Set also available in 4oz:
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