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Every now and then, our best ideas sprout from the most mundane moments. Although we’ve seen our dad/uncle (and a lot of other people) do this a thousand times, there was a moment where we watched him, once again, meticulously remove all traces of coriander out of his banh mi that made us go, “we can do something with that.”

Summersalts pairs the slightly citrusy green notes of coriander with the delicate currant-like heart of the orchid. A smooth blend of tropical floral notes with salty, green highlights form a true reflection of summer’s last days. Ironically enough, orchids are something the man loves as much as he hates coriander - an accidental tribute, you're welcome dad!!!

Notes: Sea Salt, Orchid & Coriander

Available in 4 oz and 8.5oz.
Burn time of 25 hours and 62 hours respectively.




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